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Las actas de AH'2002 seran publicadas por Springer-Verlag en la coleccion Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Para obtener instrucciones sobre el formato de LNCS vease . Los articulos deben cumplir el formato marcado por las reglas del LNCS y deben ser enviados electronicamente en un fichero PDF o Postscript. Todas los articulos deben escribirse en ingl?s. Por favor indique cuando el principal autor es un estudiante de manera que pueda ser evaluado para la nominacion al mejor papel presentado por un estudiante.

Instrucciones para enviar la version final Once the paper has been accepted for the conference, you should upload the final version electronically. To do that, connect to the web pages, log in, and go to the "Submission" section, where you can find the list of the the papers you submitted for evaluation. It is not neccesasary to send hardcopies of your paper. Just send the electronic version.
Please send in your manuscript in source format (latex or word) as well as in camera ready form. Make sure you use no page numbers and no running heads. These will be added by Springer.
The camera ready should be a .pdf or .ps file. Please ensure that all fonts are embedded and that the file can be printed. The source file should be a Word or LaTex document. This is needed for Srpinger. Please ensure to include all necessary files and images. If there is more than one file, please make a .zip or .gz file with all the necessary documents and upload that file.
Once you have send the camera ready and the source file please confirm that the paper has arrived properly to the server. A small icon appears beside the input box you have used to send the file. Follow that link to retrieve the file. The camera ready file will be available for other users to read as on-line proceedings.
Please complete and send the final documents as soon as possible and not later than the 18th of March because everything should be arranged to have the proceeding on time.
You are also requested to submit by post to the program committee chair an original signed of the copyright form of Springer that you can find at

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