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Evangelos Triantafillou
Andreas Pomportsis
Elissavet Georgiadou
AES-CS: Adaptive Educational System based on Cognitive Styles

Hiroyuki Mitsuhara
Youji Ochi
Yoneo Yano
Kazuhide Kanenishi
An Adaptive Web-based Learning System with a Free-Hyperlink Environment

James Ohene-Djan
Ownership Transfer via Personalisation as a Value-adding Strategy for Web-based Education

Matteo Baldoni
Cristina Baroglio
Viviana Patti
Laura Torasso
Using a rational agent in an adaptive web-based tutoring system

Cristina Carmona
Eduardo Guzmán
David Bueno
Ricardo Conejo
An Adaptive Web-based Tutorial of Agrarian Economy

Mónica Trella
Ricardo Conejo
David Bueno
Eduardo Guzmán
An autonomous component architecture to develop WWW-ITS

Judith Masthoff
Automatic Generation of a Navigation Structure for Adaptive Web-Based Instruction

Charalampos Karagiannidis
Demetrios Sampson
Re-using Adaptation Logics for Personalised Access to Educational e-Content

Position papers

Daniela Fogli
Paola Carrara
Giuseppe Fresta
Piero Mussio
Bootstrapping generation of e-learning environments adaptable by trainers and learners

Jordan.C.P Kung
Dynamic Generation of Effective Solution Feedbacks for Improving Student?s Manipulation Skills in Algebra

Hiroyuki Mitsuhara
Youji Ochi
Yoneo Yano
A Web Retrieval Support System with a Comment Sharing Environment: Toward an Adaptive Web-based IR System

Hara Giouroglou

Martin Alberink
Mettina Veenstra
Course adaptation in a learning content management system

Carlos Arteaga
Integrating individual and collaborative learning in an adaptive hypermedia system

Elena Osipova
Adaptation of Distance Learning Systems to Psychological Differences of Learners

Articulo corto

Cristóbal Romero
Using Genetic Algorithms for Data Mining in Web-based Educational Hypermedia Systems

Jarkko Suhonen
Using StoryML for Adaptive Content Representation

David Mérida
Ramon Fabregat Gesa
Jose Luis Marzo
SHAAD: Adaptable, Adaptive and Dynamic Hypermedia System for content delivery

Akihiro Kashihara
How to Facilitate Navigation Planning in Self-directed Learning on the Web

Jan Smid
Petr Svacek
Interactive Tutoring Model Using Information Cycling

Judy Kay
Douglas Chesher
Simprac - Teaching system for management of chronic illness

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