22/11/2001 IW3C2 Endorses AH'2002
IW3C2 - International World Wide Web Conference Committee has endorsed AH'2002 conference. IW3C2 is the organizer of the WWW conference series, main event in the area of WWW research and a sponsor of other key WWW events.
26/11/2001 ACM confirms "in cooperation" status of AH'2002
AH conference series is organized in cooperation with ACM. AH'2000 has established cooperating society relationships with ACM SIGIR, SIGART, SIGWEB and SIGCHI. ACM has officially confirmed "in cooperation" status for AH'2002. The scope of cooperation has been extended in 2002 by adding SIGECOM (E-commerce) to the four cooperating SIGs.
5/12/2001 Premio al mejor articulo enviado por un estudiante en honor al Dr. James Chen
UM Inc. is pleased to announce the "best student paper" award and travel grant for AH'2002 conference. The award is established in honor of late Dr. James Chen, a prominent researcher on adaptive hypermedia and adaptive information retrieval. All papers where the primary author and a presenter is a full-time student will be considered for the award. The student author of the awarded paper will get a cash travel grant of $1000. More than one paper can be awarded. The award is sponsored by Dr. James Chen family.
27/12/2001 One week extension of paper submission deadline
Within the last two weeks the conference chairs have received multiple requests to extend paper submission deadline. In response to it, the submission deadline for all categories of papers was extended in one week (now 14th of January). Note that we will not able to extend this deadline any further. The schedule of preparing the conference proceedings for Springer-Verlag is very tight.
10/1/2002 Two invited speakers announced
We are pleased to introduce AH'2002 invited speakers: Wolfgang Wahlster of DFKI, Germany and Henry Lieberman of MIT Medial Lab, USA. Please, check "Invited talks" section for more information. The third invited speaker will be announced later.
5/2/2002 Springer-Verlag Alert
Information about Springer-Verlag's publishing program. You register the subjects that interest you and receive information custom-tailored to your needs.
25/2/2002 Disscount for attendants to AVI 2002
We have an agreement with the conference AVI 2002 of mutual disscount of 10% of conference fees for people attending both conference. The disscount only applies to regular and early registration fees.
3/3/2002 Third invited speaker announced
We are pleased to introduce the third invited speaker at AH'2002: Jack Aaronson. Jack is a well known expert in Web personalization. He is a CEO of Jack Aaronson Consulting, an Advisory Board Member of PrivacyRight, and bi-weekly columnist for Please, check "Invited talks" section for more information.
19/3/2002 Conection to ITS 2002
Some people that are planning to attend the AH2002 conference are also planning to attend ITS 2002 conference in San Sebastian and Biarritz (Both cities are very close)
The AH2002 finnishes on Friday 31, and the ITS 2002 workshops begin on Monday June 3, in San Sebastian.
Malaga is 1000 km. away from San Sebastian/Biarritz It takes arround 12 hours by bus, and similar time and cost by train. (100 euros)
We are planning to organize a tour from Malaga to San Sebastian during Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, crossing Spain from South to North with stops at cities like Granada, Toledo and Burgos. The bus will pick you up at your hotels in Malaga and leaves you at your hotels in San Sebastian or Biarritz.
The total amount previewed is 150 euros. That price includes the bus and a night in a single room probably in Toledo. Meals are not included. This figures are based on an estimation of 25 people. So the trip won't be organized if we can not reach that.
People that are interested in this options are requested to include it in their registration form. The amount of 150 euros corresponding to this option is not going to be charged until at least 25 people select it.
21/4/2002 Workshop "Art, Art Criticism ..." cancelled
The workshop Art, Art Criticism, Computing Science, and Adaptive Hypermedia has been cancelled, due to an unsufficient number of submissions.
7/5/2002 Industrial Panel at AH'2002
An industrial Panel "The Business of Personalization" is added to the conference schedule (check the schedule for more information). The panelists will discuss recent commercial developments in the area of personalization and adaptive web systems, and describe their experiences in the development of compelling business cases in a variety of sectors. Quesions about the panel can be addressed to Prof. Barry Smyth, the AH'2002 Industrial Chair.
18/5/2002 Social Program
Here is the social program of AH2002
21/5/2002 METIOREW
Dear Colleagues, As we know your interest about Adaptive Hypermedia we have make a great effort to compile all the documents related to this field. Our database has now 405 Papers. We think this can be a good reference for our Community. Also the system to access this information is Adaptive and gives personalizes responses according to your objectives and preferences. Our system is called METIOREW. It can be accessed at:
In each page you will find a contextual Help that will make easier to understand how it works. We hope you like it and that it will be useful. If you have any comment we'll be very pleased of read it.

David Bueno

23/5/2002 Getting to the conference site
Welcome to Malaga! The AH2002 conference is about to open. The conference site is located far from the city center, but we have scheduled buses to come and go. Here is the timetable of conference buses and the referenced city map:
Important notes:
  • Contrary to what we have previously announced, conference buses will also go to the University Residence.
  • There is also public transportation available to go from the city center to the conference site. The bus line is number 20, and its stops are marked in the map. (every 10-15 min) If you are at hotel Los Naranjos or Hotel Las Vegas you can additionally take bus line number 11 to get to the city center. (every 10-15 min).
  • People staying at Torremolinos, should provide themselves a transportation mean. (as previously announced), but they can also use conference buses to come and go from city center to the conference site. (not necessary if they use a car or a taxi). It is recommended that they use conference buses for social events.
  • Taxi fare from city center to conference site is about 5 - 6 EUROS, (phone 952 333333) and from Torremolinos to the conference site about 13-15 EUROS (phone 952 380600). Standard taxis are for four passengers. If you take a taxi you might have to indicate to the driver ?Escuela Tecnica Superior de Informatica, en el Campus Universitario de Teatinos, frente a Hospital Clinico?.
    Consult the web pages for additional information about how to get to the city center from airport, train station, etc.
    We hope you enjoy your stay and don?t get ?lost in the (hyper-)space?. :-)
  • 27/5/2002 Social dinner 30 minutes earlier
    Social dinner is moved 30 minutes earlier. Accordingly buses will go at hotels 30 minutes earlier, that is
  • At Hotel Las Vegas: 20:20
  • At University Residence: 20:20
  • At Hotel Malaga Palacio: 20:30
  • At Hotel NH Malaa: 20:40
  • Getting to "Finca de la Concepcion": 21:00
  • 18/6/2002 Slides
    Now is time to revise and process all the information we have received in these days. I would like to ask you to send your slides or your posters. I have seen very beautiful presentations and the information in the slides is a very good complement for the written material. There is a new entry in the submission form of the web site. for you to send the slides file. To do that follow the same procedure that you used to send the final version. The slides will be available along with the camera ready version, through the web site section of ?Accepted papers?. The slides will be only available for those that has attended the conference.

    Ricardo Conejo

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