From Communities of Interest to Social Learning Communities
(one day workshop)

10 - 10 de Julio de 2007
Marina del Rey, USA

Web technologies have opened a great number of possibilities for group formation, communication, sharing and learning. It allows group of users to carry out activities, to share ideas and results, and furthermore gives more opportunities to develop new teaching practices and to take advantage of the acquired knowledge. These technologies allow applying forms of learning within web-based learning communities, by proposing activities that involve collaboration and communication. This raises new possibilities to explore social learning, supported by rich and varied collaborative processes.

This approach could be seen as online communities of interest, where the “interest” lies in group learning. We can call it a “Social Learning Communities” approach and it considers the social aspects of learning, models for representing and capturing collective knowledge, group profiles, computer-supported collaborative workspaces, distributed management systems, facilities for sharing searching and reusing,

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of recent trends and perspectives in Virtual Communities for Learning, focusing on the facilities offered for the Artificial Intelligence models, techniques and procedures to assist learners, to get better the teachers’ activities, to follow the learning processes and, in short, to improve the learners’ results.

The topic of Virtual Communities and research of Social Learning has acquired special relevance in recent years, and many workshops and special issues have been organized considering these topics from different points of view:

  • Special Issue on user modeling to support groups, communities and collaboration in the User Modelling and User-Adapted Interaction Journal (2006, Vol. 16, No.3-4) from the user modeling perspective.
  • AH’2006 Workshop on Social Navigation and Community-Based Adaptation Technologies and UM2007 SociUM: Adaptation and Personalisation in Social Systems: Groups, Teams, Communities form the Adaptive point of view.
  • Special Issue on Web-Based Communities for Learning in the International Journal of Web Based Communities (2005, Vol. 1, No.3) from the web based communities angle.
This workshop aims to study and reflect on Social Learning and Virtual Communities from the Artificial Intelligence position.

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