AIED 2007 Workshop
From Communities of Interest to Social Learning Communities

10 - 10 of July of 2007
Marina del Rey, USA

Web technologies have opened a number of possibilities for group formation, communication, sharing and learning. These technologies can support a variety of forms of learning within web-based learning communities, by proposing activities that involve collaboration and communication. Online communities of interest emerge, where the “interest” lies in group learning and can be supported by rich and varied collaborative processes. We call this emerging area of research “Social Learning Communities” and distinguish them from the areas of Online or Virtual Communities by emphasizing the social aspects of learning, models for representing and capturing collective knowledge, group profiles, computer-supported collaborative workspaces, distributed management systems, facilities for sharing searching and reusing.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of recent trends and perspectives in Social Learning Communities, focusing on Artificial Intelligence models, techniques and procedures to assist learners, to model better the teachers’ activities, to follow the learning processes and, in short, to improve the learners’ experience and results.


Deadline extended 20th May, 2007

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