In this section you can find the different ways of registration to the conference, the fees and the dates. You can use the on-line registration form to send your data. To get the form click on the label "Registration Form" that is located in the "On-line" table.
The registration form works as a tiny e-comerce application. The form has fields for different products related to the conference. You may choose what you need. Please read carefully the instruction given at the top of the form. The systems allows you to request different products at different sessions.For instance, you can register for the conference and later you can book the hotel or ask for additional copies of the proceedings.
Please notice that some products might dissapear from the list, as the time goes on. For instance a hotel can be full. Forms are procesed in the order they are received.
If you have problems, special requests that can not be managed by the system, do not hesitate to contact the persons listed at the bottom of the registration information page.

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