Here you can find the program of the conference. The first page shows the overall planning of days and sessions. There is a link on top of each table, and under each session name to show a detailed description of the events.
The detailed pages show the schedule sequentially, without taking into account the place where they take place. These pages also contain links to the papers presented and to the personal record of the speakers.
If you heve logged in with your email and password, and you have completed the topics of your interest in the personal data section, a personalization of the schedule is presented. Paper of those topics that you have selected are displyed in bold and greater letters than others.
If you do not like this personalization, change the topics of your interest in the "Personal data" section, or just log out and all presentation (but special or invited talks) will be listed in the same size.
Names that appear underlined are those that has confirmed their registration to the conference, and so they will present the contribution.

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