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How do I submit a review?
To submit a review you should be a member of the program committee of the conference. There are two ways to access the paper review form on the web.
1. You should have received a message with the list of papers to review assigned by the program committee chair. In that message there are direct links to the paper review forms. This links include your user name and your password as parameters so you do not need to login first.
2. You may access the conferece submission site and login using your email as user name and the password that the system have sent you. ((Enter just your email in the first box and click on "I have forgotten my password" and the system will send it again)).
Once you are logged in go to section "Paper Reviews" on left frame. The list of paper to review will appear on the right frame. Select the blue tick beside the paper title to access to the review form.
Complete the review form and click on "Send" buttom at the bottom of that page.
If you have completed the field "Comment for authors" the blue tick will change to inverse color. You can check that the review has been received and change your review any time you want by following the same blue tick.

When will authors be notified of review outcomes? Is there a tentative date that organizers are aiming for?
28th february 2003

Hi, The website indicated that the notification of review outcomes is tentatively on the 28th of February 2003 Hence, I would like to inquire, for my paper submitted to the Young Researcher's Track. May I know whether the review outcome is known already?
The YRT aceptance has not been notified with the main conference track. Notification will be delivered soon.


Just wondering when decisions regarding travel scholarships will be sent out to applicants. The web site mentions June 22nd as a date. Thanks.
For this information please refer to the main conference web site http://www.cs.usyd.edu.au/~aied. This web site is just for paper submission and review.

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