Peticion de Articulos

Authors are requested to submit extended abstract of their papers, presenting original contributions to the theory of computer science. Detailed instructions for paper submissions will be found on the conference webpage and in future calls for papers. You can get a printable copy of the call for paper at:
As with the Journal Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), the scientific program of the Colloquium will be split into two parts.

Tipos de contribuciones
Paper Types Track A
Algorithms, Automata, Complexity and Games
Paper Types Track B
Logic, Semantics and Theory of Programming
Paper Types Addenda/Errata
This is a special category to be used to correct papers that has been previously sent to ICALP.

Areas de Interes de la Conferencia
Las areas de interes incluyen pero no estan limitadas a:
Topic A.- Algebra & Circuits
Topic A.- Algorithm
Topic A.- Approximation algorithms
Topic A.- Automata
Topic A.- Combinatorial Optimization
Topic A.- Complexity
Topic A.- Distributed computing
Topic A.- Games
Topic A.- Nonstandard computing
Topic A.- Others
Topic A.- Process algebra
Topic A.- Sorting & Searching
Topic A.- String algorithms
Topic B.- Applied logic
Topic B.- Automata
Topic B.- Automata & Logic
Topic B.- Concurrency
Topic B.- Graphs
Topic B.- Logic
Topic B.- Logic of programs
Topic B.- Others
Topic B.- Regular Languages
Topic B.- Semantics
Topic B.- Semantics & Rewriting
Topic B.- Theroy of programming

Presentacion de Articulos

The proceedings of ICALP?2002 will be published by Springer-Verlag in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Papers should have no more than 12 pages. For instructions on the LNCS paper format, see

Submissions must be formatted according to LNCS rules, and uploaded electronically through the conference Web site. Please refer to the help pages fir additional information.

Instrucciones para enviar la version final
Once the paper has been accepted for the conference, you should revise your paper taking into account the comments from the referees. When preparing the final version, please observe the strict limit of 12 pages in standard LNCS style (particularly with respect to page margins and font size). Also, do not use page numbers or running heads as these will be added by the editors. Please consult for the definition of the LNCS style and for sample files.
When you have completed the final version, please prepare two files that should be uploaded to the ICALP web site:
1) Camera-ready version
The camera-ready file should be in ps or pdf format. Please ensure that all fonts are embedded and that the file can be printed. Name this file
2) Source file
The source file should be a LaTex file or a MS Word file as required by LNCS. Please follow the naming convention papernumber_lastname.tex (for example 088_smith.tex). You should include any necessary additional source files, such as special class files, images or figures as separate files. Please compress all your source files into a single file (called using ZIP or gz.
As a next step, upload these two files to the ICALP web site as follows: connect to the web pages, log in, and go to the "Submission" section, where you can find the list of the the papers you submitted for evaluation. Once you have sent the camera-ready file and the source file, a small icon will appear next to the input box you have used to send the file, which indicates that the paper has arrived properly at the server. Follow that link to retrieve the file. The camera ready file will be available for other users to read as on-line proceedings.
It is not neccessary to send hardcopies of your paper. The electronic version suffices.

Please upload your files as soon as possible, but no later than the April 16 as there is a very tight schedule to produce the proceedings on time.
As a last step, snail mail or fax a signed copy of Springer's copyright form to the conference chair (Rafael Morales). You can find the form at

Fechas Límite
8/11/2001 WorkShops
Propuesta de workshops
21/1/2002 WorkShops
Notificacion de aceptacion de workshops
21/1/2002 Articulos
Paper submission
16/4/2002 Articulos
Copia para impresion
16/4/2002 WorkShops
Notificacion de aceptacion de workshops
27/5/2002 Inscripcion
Inscripcion anticipada

Patrocinadores y sociedades colaboradoras
University of M?laga (Patrocinadores) Unicaja (Patrocinadores) M?laga City Council (Co-Patrocinadores) Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnolog?a (Co-Patrocinadores)

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