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Papers presenting original contributions pertinent to problem solving support in Intelligent Tutoring Systems are sought for a special issue of the journal "Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning" (TICL) published by OCP Science Publishers. We solicit papers that address technological and research issues relevant to problem solving support in intelligent tutoring systems. The authors should clearly point out the relationship between the underlying cognitive theories and corresponding technological solutions for supporting problem solving implemented in their tutors. The papers should describe mature research projects, and present results of evaluations.

Please address any questions to the guest editor: Tanja Mitrovic
Computer Science Department
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 3642987 ext 7771
Fax: +64 3 3642569

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Las areas de interes incluyen pero no estan limitadas a:
Topic Problem Solving Support for Intelligent Tutoring Systems

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Submissions to the special issue should follow the instructions for contributors, which are obtainable from the Web site TICL strongly encourages the electronic submission of manuscripts, with copies to the guest editor and each of the editors. Each submission should note that it is intended for the special issue on Problem Solving Support for Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Potential authors are asked to notify the guest editors (Tanja Mitrovic, email: as soon as possible of their intent to submit an article. Sometime thereafter (but preferably a month prior to the submission deadline), they should submit a tentative title and short abstract (which can be altered for the actual submission) to assist in the formation of a panel of appropriate reviewers.

Evaluacion: Submissions will undergo the normal review process, and will be reviewed by at least three established researchers selected from a panel of reviewers formed for the special issue. Barring unforeseen problems, authors can expect to be notified regarding the review results within three months of submission

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