Peticion de Articulos

Two of the previous workshops on the subject have served as a basis for two journal special issues (see IJAIED v.12 and v.13). We intend to continue this tradition inviting best workshop papers to be submitted to a special issue of a relevant journal.

Tipos de contribuciones
Paper Types Full paper
8 pages
Paper Types Demonstrations/Posters
4 pages

Areas de Interes de la Conferencia
Las areas de interes incluyen pero no estan limitadas a:
Topic Adaptive and intelligent web-based collaborative learning systems
Topic Web-based adaptive educational hypermedia
Topic Web-based Intelligent tutoring systems
Topic Adaptive Web-based testing
Topic Web-based Intelligent class monitoring systems
Topic Adaptive and intelligent information retrieval systems for web-based educational materials
Topic Pedagogical approaches in web-based educational systems
Topic Architectures for adaptive web-based educational systems.
Topic Using machine learning techniques to improve the outcomes of Web-based educational processes
Topic Using semantic web technologies for adaptive e-learning
Topic Reusability and self-organisation techniques for educational material
Topic Interoperability between tools and systems for adaptive e-learning
Topic Personalization in educational digital libraries

Presentacion de Articulos

Submissions must be formatted according to IOS Press requirements, as specified at the AIED submission site

Fechas Límite
20/4/2005 Articulos
Paper submission
23/5/2005 Articulos
Camera ready papers

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